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Boat Design Services in Santa Ponsa

Talk to us about bringing your vision to life. You’re at Liberty to do so.​


It’s all about having the experience and expertise to recognise the best, most practical and cost-efficient way to achieve what you’re looking for.

And, maybe, to surpass your expectations.

It’s all about both seeing the bigger picture and understanding the value of attention to detail.

Which is why, when you share your vision with Liberty, we’ll do everything we can to set it free.

Covers & Awnings

When your boat is your pride and joy you want to do everything you can to protect and nurture it.

Our range of covers and awnings is designed to look after and enhance your boat in the most complimentary way possible as well as offering you strength, durability and absolute value for money.

Don’t worry, you’re at Liberty. And we’ve got it covered.

Soft Furnishing

Stunning or stylish and subdued, you can take it for granted that we’re experts at sourcing and creating soft furnishings that look and feel that part.

Curtains, cushions, throws. Whatever you’re looking for is all part of the fabric of our business.

What does ambience add up to? Colour, texture, class – feel at Liberty to ask us what we think.

Carpets & Flooring

Our business is about style. But, even if we’re all at sea, our feet are always planted firmly on the ground.

Just like yours.

Whether you’re after wood, vinyl or ceramic flooring, or sublimely luxurious carpeting, feel at Liberty to walk all over us.

Handcrafted Leather Works



You’re at Liberty to talk to us about
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